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Holliday Update 1

Dec 11, 2023 | Announcements

Last week – TLDR

NFT Security updates, two AMAs, Digital Collectible perks, promotions and DOOMSDAY!

Security Update Brief


Last week, a critical security patch was applied across Ethereum-based blockchains due to an exploit identified by ThirdWeb. As a result, all MTD collectibles were successfully reissued on December 4, 2023. Pre-existing issues with certain collections were not addressed in this update.

Root Cause

For detailed information, please refer to our official incident report.

Key Updates

  • It’s confirmed with ThirdWeb that old assets cannot be burned.
  • Old collections are now restricted from marketplace listings.


Our Recommended solutions


1. Managing Your Collectibles:

We understand you have both old and new collectibles in your wallets. On December 13, 2023 we’ll be releasing some changes to help manage these assets:


Transfer Penalties Waived Until January 5th

Transfer your collectibles to new wallets without penalties for easier management.


⚠️Caution Advised⚠️

When transferring, follow these steps carefully:

  • Create a new wallet using your Wallet App.
  • Add the new wallet to your MTD Account in the Viewer App.
  • Transfer collectibles to the new wallet.
  • Optionally, set the new wallet as your primary wallet.


2. Hide your old collectibles in your Wallet Apps

A less risky solution is to keep your wallet, and hide your collectibles.

Here are guides for the more popular wallets out there:


3. Stay tuned for a more permanent solution

We’re got something in store, however this won’t be available to you all until early January. We’ll keep you posted!


Stay updated and secure!

Curious about our last AMA on this topic?



What’s Next for MTD – Part 1


We’re gearing up for a final sprint with you all heading into the 2023 Holliday season, and planning some pretty cool announcements.

Here are some things to make it easier for you to follow our updates:


Useful “Save the Date” widgets

It REALLY sucks missing out on a drop, missing out on a Todd AMA, or getting roasted by yours trully.

We decided to make it easier for everyone to remember some key dates as they’re announced – with some advanced web magic: Save the Date  buttons on every important announcement! What does this do?

  • It will let you save a block to your favorite calendar app on iOS/Android/Web
  • You will be able to set alarms to remind you to top up that precious MATIC

For an example – keep an eye out for our next Drop Annoucement


We’re optimizing Discord

You’re going to notice some changes there – new channels, categories, some test messages…

Why do you ask?

… the workshop is ramping up.. that’s all for now 😉


Check your emails regurlarly

Some of you have already received some nice perks for holding onto your collectibles!

There could be more on the way..

Happy Collecting!


– jolo