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MTD OG Badge

Jan 4, 2024 | Announcements, App Updates, New Drop

The Badge is finally here!

We thank all of you for being there with us in 2023

This unique Badge will grant holders the ability to open up exclusive perks throughout 2024 and beyond.


How many badges will be going out?

4389 unique badges

Does this unlock something in the Viewer App?

Yes! This will unlock a ~6′ tall floating badge that you can place anywhere! 

How unique is each badge?

Each badge immortalizes the following thing in its meta to make it unique:

– the OG user’s wallet

– the XP Rank of that user at the end of 2023, if not ranked “Unranked” is specified instead

– if the OG’s wallet was associated with an MTD user account before December 31 2023 (ie, the User had a Rank and held a collectible), the user’s token will be animated

How is the supply divided?

We have differentiated Ranked and Unranked users for a specific reason. Users who posessed a Rank, occupy Token Id’s 1 through to 1271, followed by Unranked wallets. Only 1 Ranked token is issued per User account.

Is the Rank reflected in the meta?

If the token is ranked, the ranke matches the following:

– the Token ID of the token

– the “Rank” metadata field.

Example: Rank 5 token will have Token ID 5 and have Meta field “Rank” = 5.


What is the difference between Ranked and Unranked tokens?

Both types of badges will unlock a large set of perks. Ranked badges however, will provide the holder with higher tier perks on some occasions or events. More details around this will be revealed in Q1 2024.

Are the badges transferable?

Yes, you may transfer or sell your badge as you wish!

Are there royalties on selling the badge on marketplaces?

Yes, the usual 10% fee applies. All proceeds of this fee go towards supporting the project!

What’s Next


Transfer penalty to be re-instated January 15th

We’ve decided to extend this transfer penalty, more on this later 🙂


Batman by Todd is currently shipping

The Batman by Todd Phygital figures are currently shipping out – keep an eye on your mailboxes for your deliveries!


Live Toast N Roast January 9th 2024 with Todd!

Tune in live on January 9th for our live Toast n Roast with Todd! Time permitting, we will also include a short AMA after it. Hit “Notify me” at the link bellow!