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May 13, 2024 | Announcements

Rsvps for the McFarlane Toys Preview day event!

This year marks two years in a row that McFarlane Toys Digital will be present at the McFarlane Toys Preview Day event during the week of the comics conference in San Diego!

Access to the event is restricted to a guest list, if you are not on the list come preview day, you will not be granted entry no exceptions on site.

RSVP’s will be sent out in 3 stages

Stage 1: The Wonder Woman Exotic RSVP list is a priority invitation, unanswered and incomplete RSVP’s will expire and auto-decline at the end of May.

– Stage 2: June 5th, 2024, Toast n Roast Winners

– Stage 3:  Remaining capacity for the event will be opened up to any who submit a request for an invitation, an RSVP is NOT guaranteed at this stage if you request one.


How an RSVP works

Our goal is to provide an awesome experience for all who are able to attend, that means making sure we give everyone who gets an RSVP a fair chance at making arrangements to be present.

Once you receive the RSVP, you will have until a specific date to do the following:

  • Accept or decline the RSVP
  • If you accept the RSVP, and you do not live within a 4 hour drive of the San Diego (California) area, you will need to provide proof of travel and, or, accomodation

We will auto-decline your RSVP if:

  • you do not Accept the RSVP before your deadline, and
  • you do not provide proof of travel and, or, accomodation arrangements before your RSVP deadline if requirement applies to you.


Stage 1 – Exotic wonder woman rsvp


Congratulations to all of the holders of an Exotic Wonder Woman! You are at the front of the line.

RSVP Deadline: May 31st 2024, 9:00 AM PT / 12:00PM ET.

You will be emailed an RSVP to the McFarlane Toys SDCC Preview Day event in the next 48 hours!

Please note, you need to meet the following requirements in order to get an RSVP in this stage:

  • Hold an Exotic rarity Wonder Woman Classic on Monday, May 13th 2024, 9:00 AM PT / 12:00PM ET.
  • In order to send the RSVP, we must have an email on file to contact you, we will only be capturing emails from Viewer App accounts.
  • Your Viewer App account needs to be synchronized with the wallet that holds your Exotic Wonder Woman
  • You have until Wednesday, May 15th, 1PM PT / 4PM ET to link your wallet to an email if you have not done so already!
  • If you have any issues creating or completing your account, please open a ticket in our Discord server!

Stage 2 – June 5th Toast n Roast Winners’ RSVP

We will be giving out 2 RSVPs to winners of the Toast n Roast on June 5th 2024! 1 for the Toys category, 1 for the digital.

Deadline to accept the RSVP: 24 hours after the Toast n Roast winners are announced.

Deadline to submit proof of travel arrangements: June 20th, 2024 9:00 AM PT / 12:00PM ET.


  • If you are a winnner, you will be given the choice to receive an RSVP or one of our prizes.
  • If you pass on the RSVP, the RSVP will be offered the runner-up of your position in the contest.
  • This will be repeated until a participant accepts the RSVP.
  • The RSVPs must be claimed within 24h of the Toast n Roast.
  • If an RSVP is not accepted by any participant, it will trickle down into the public pool of invitations.


Stage 3 – June 7th Public Invitations

Our remaining supply of invitations will be sent out, in a first-come-first-served basis to those who communicate an interest in coming to the event. The number of RSVPs that can be sent out will depend on the capacity of the venue, and the number of attendees already confirmed. Anyone is able to request an invitation in this stage, however, requesting an invitation does not guarantee receiving an RSVP.

Deadline to RSVP and provide proof of travel arrangements: June 26th, 2024 2024, 9:00 AM PT / 12:00PM ET.


  • You will need to enter your request via a form we will be sending out before end of May 2024.
  • You must have a Viewer App account linked to your email you provide in the form to qualify
  • Your Viewer App account must be in good standing.



Are RSVPs transferable?

RSVPs from Stages 1 and 2 may only be transferred once. If you decline or can’t make it to the event and wish to pass it on to someone else, you must open a ticket in Discord to do so. The person who receives the RSVP must have or create a Viewer App account with an email address associated to it. The person you transfer the RSVP to has 48 hours to accept the RSVP once the invitation is sent out.

RSVPs from Stage 3 are transferable. Simply decline your RSVP from this stage to have it be sent out to the public pool, or open a Discord ticket to transfer your RSVP. The person you transfer the RSVP to has 48 hours to accept the RSVP once the invitation is sent out.