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XP Leaderboard

One of the primary XP Points you earn give you a Seasonal Rank in the McFarlane Toys Digital Platform.

On top of being a bragging right for have a high rank, the Leaderboard is often used for several types of perks, utilites and rewards.

How you are Ranked in the Leaderboard

Your rank in the leaderboard is determined by how much XP your account has accrued in the current XP Season.

How do I earn Seasonal XP?

Seasonal XP is earned by collecting digital collectibles, completing XP Sets, making primary and secondary purchases!

What is an XP Season?

An XP Season is a period of time where the XP values of holding, set and purchase rewards do not change throughout that period.

Yes, that does mean that XP rewards are subject to change seasonally.


Seasonal XP can be reset, but you always retain the XP you have earned since your first day with us

Our concept of seasonal XP is to allow us to change things up routinely, so that the main perks and utilities follow us into the future instead of always rewarding a fixed window of activity.

To do this, we have reset Seasonal XP several times in the past now, and will likely continue to reset this XP number every 2 quarters on average when needed.


We also track your LIFETIME XP, meaning, your XP you have earned since your very first XP Point was earned. This number is stored in our systems.



You are also assigned a Tier on the MTD Platform

Your tier is determined daily, by the amount of XP you have earned in the last 7 calendar days. Tiers are determined by percentiles.

Tiers are essentially a representation of your XP earning performance, in the last week; as compared to your Rank, which is a representation of your XP performance in the season.

The only exception to this rule is if you are in the Top 100 Seasonal XP earners. As a Top 100 user, you are immune from the Tiering 7 day rolling window.

Tier Percentile
Top 100 You are in the Top 100 XP Earners this season
Gold I Top 100 <> 95%
Gold II 95% <> 90%
Gold III 90% <> 85%
Gold IV 85% <> 80%
Silver I 80% <> 70%
Silver II 70% <> 60%
Silver III 60% <> 50%
Silver IV 50% <> 40%
Bronze I 40% <> 30%
Bronze II 30% <> 20%
Bronze III 20% <> 10%
Bronze IV 10% <> 0%
Unranked If you have 0XP

So what do you get for having a Rank, Tier and Seasonal XP?

We routinely reward users based on the above in the following manner, and will continue to do so when appropriate:

– often times, these might grant you access to an allowlist (also called a pre-sale).

– they might result in you receiving a surprise digital collectible directly into your Viewer App account, free of charge!

– you may receive an invitation to participate in a survey, or be granted early access to in-person events.

– you may receive perks or discounts on the McFarlane Toy Store.

– your Rank, Tier or Seasonal XP could dictate the kind of reward you are eligible for in some cases.


Note: no rewards are guaranteed, and are subject to supply available at the time!



Am I able to redeem XP Points for stuff?

At the moment, no. However, this is something we have trialed in the past and are currently studying how to utilize this in our offering. Stay tuned for more!



The information above does not constitute any suggestion or promise of monetary gain from earning XP Points on the McFarlane Toys Digital platform. Participation in the McFarlane Toys Digital platform and the earning of XP Points are intended solely for entertainment purposes and to enhance user engagement within the platform. XP Points are non-transferable and have no inherent cash value.

Please familiarize yourself with our Terms of Service for further information.